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How To Actually Get Something Done Today

I recently read the story of a businessman who hired a man to give him time management and organization tips. The man taught him one simple time management trick and left. Years later, they met, the businessman now the owner of a successful multi-million dollar business. He greeted his former employee with great enthusiasm and thanked him. "Your tip was the secret to my success!" he exclaimed. "I followed your instructions every single day and it has led to my accomplishing everything I dreamed of!"

Time management is a tricky thing! If you think about it, we have an abundance of time in even just one day and yet it seems to be always slipping away from us. As a teacher, I was taught the importance of setting goals--both for myself and for my students. Without goals, you don't know where you are going or what it will take to get there. So this year, I decided to set clear and well-defined goals as well as to find and articulate the ways I will achieve them. One of my goals is time management. I was blessed to run across this story and have implemented the tip that the employee taught the businessman in my own day. Boy, does it work! I'm sharing it here so that you can give it a shot.

One of my trademark sayings is "Carpe Diem!" which means "Seize the day!" Our days are few, valuable, and worth maximizing. We all have dreams and aspirations, and let's be honest--often what stops us is purely our own waste of time and lack of focus. Let's start Carping our Diems in 2019 and actually get something done. Read below to discover the simple tip that can change your today and your tomorrow!

T H E T I M E - M A N A G E M E N T T I P

1. Get a planner.

2. At the beginning of each day, brainstorm the things you would like to get done that day (from big to small, petty to important, in whatever order they come to your mind).

3. Number the tasks you have identified IN THE ORDER OF IMPORTANCE. This part is tricky. Define your priorities. Ask yourself, if I absolutely HAD to do only a few of these, what would be most important that I get done?

4. Tackle the tasks one a time, in the exact order you defined. This part is tricky as well! We like to multi-task, and you will be tempted to! Research, however, shows that you accomplish less when you multi-task. Maintain your focus and cross the tasks off your list in the order you designated.

Best of luck! Go get something awesome done today!



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