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Updated: Aug 4, 2019

I've been reading and thinking a lot about King David recently, as that's where I'm at with my Scripture reading. I'm really impressed by David and I long for God to say of me too that I am after His own heart. I'm trying to pinpoint what exactly about David's heart pleased God and there's a lot to digest but one thing that stands out is the way he was bold and enthusiastic about God's honor. God was very real to him and so David's whole perspective on life came through that filter. If God was really out there and was his Creator, He HAD to be first in everything. David took this very seriously.

That's what made him jump to the opportunity to defend Israel against Goliath. God was so real to him that Goliath's insults gave rise to real emotions in David. Indignation and disbelief. Who DARED defy the armies of the living God? God was so real to David that he went out to battle with real courage. In his mind, what were tens of thousands of Philistines when they were attacking God's chosen people who had God's special promise of protection? God was so real to David that he didn't have the need to kill Saul. He trusted that God would come through and make him king. And when he became king, OBVIOUSLY he brought the ark to Jerusalem and considered building a temple. In David's world, as it should be and as his "descendant" Jesus modeled much later on, everything started and ended with God. God's glory and honor superseded everything and I believe David did not see his kingship not as the highest height of power, fame, wealth and glory he could attain. Rather, I believe he was honored to be given the key role of shepherding God's wayward but chosen people into putting God first in everything through his administrative decisions as well as protecting them from those who would destroy God's heritage.

One of the things that spurs me to think this about David's attitude is his drive to build a temple. It has particularly convicted me, both in the past and now. David couldn't stand the idea that God's house would be a humble tent while he lived in a palace. As I have been working on cleaning, painting, and purchasing things for my home, my mindset is one of "I want this place to be the best it possibly can be." And that's a good mindset I think because we are called to be convictional in every aspect of life and glorify God through everything. But I have also been prompted to think of God's house. Both the physical building of the church I attend (not really "God's house" since He dwells within us) and the body of Christ (His true dwelling place). I've been asking myself tough questions such as "How much money/time/energy am I investing in my house vs. God's?" and "Is my house cleaner/more updated/more taken care of than the church building?" and "Is my deepest interest my own home and family or God's people, the kingdome He is building?" I challenge you to ask yourself the same questions. One thing I have realized is that it's good and great if I prioritize God's things. And I'm praying for a heart change to do just that. But just me is not enough. God's house and family is huge. We need every moving part to feed into it and take care of it. Prioritize it. And another hard truth is that in this society, the materialism and competitiveness and pride of life is HUGE (thanks social media!). It's no joke, it's nothing to take lightly and it requires constant effort to swim against the flow and renew our minds in God's truth to stay above water. When we don't, we get sucked into the pursuit of our own name and glory, wondering what this and that person thinks of us, our outfits, our cars, our houses, our lifestyle, our looks, our friends, our kids, our vacations. The list goes on. It's different for each of us and yet the root, the heart is the same. Someone after God's one heart. Hm. I wonder what that looks like. David humanly showed us in his age, and Jesus perfectly lived it out on His. How about in ours? What does it look like in ours? We serve the same, REAL God. Who still demands to be put first, to be given the glory and honor because He's right. It'srightfully, justly, deservedly His. And if you don't agree, you have yet to learn how truly awesome He is, in every perfect way of His.

Put God first. That's my challenge. Ask yourself what that looks like in your life. Pray over it. Our church buildings are often sadly mismanaged and neglected. The people around us left needy and fall into traps because we are busy looking elsewhere. Concerned with our own personal affairs, some elaborate plan we have of self-improvement to get to that point where we can finally lean back, sigh, and say "Ah. I've finally reached it. I'm finally somebody."

He is the only One. The only Someone who matters and we only matter as we derive our worth from Him. Let's enthrone Him in His rightful place, put the key Piece in the center and watch how everything falls into place. And that center? I mean our hearts.

Let's give Him the best. He is after all, the greatest treasure.

Carpe Diem!

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