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hi there!

my name is Maria Whittaker. i am a second - generation immigrant romanian married to a wonderful all-american guy named Nathan. we currently live in Chicago, but together with our sweet daughter, Emory Jane, we are moving to Romania in June to be full-time missionaries in the Dobrogea region. you can check out our ministry at .

i started this blog because i love writing, journaling, and sharing beautiful photographs, but with growing in my faith and noticing all the harmful lies and false philosophies being constantly thrown at my fellow believers, it grew more and more on my heart that i should do my part in proclaiming the truth and exposing the false ideas behind these philosphies. my heart hurts for women whose lives are ruined because they believe something simply untrue. it is my deep desire to help as many women as possible walk in the freedom and blessing of a Spirit-led life by simply reminding us of the truths of the Bible.

i am not any wiser or more mature than the next Christian woman. i am simply burdened to share the truth of Scripture that is available to all of us in the clearest, most attractive way possible and to remind all of my sisters in Christ to keep Him at the center. and because i am a beauty-loving woman with a strong belief that women are gifted to bring beauty everywhere they go, i also share the ways i find to lead a beautiful, well-organized, healthy and harmonious life as a wife and mom but most essentially, as a woman of God.


i'm so thankful you are here and i can't wait to get to know you! it is my earnest desire God uses this space to bless you. 

with love, maria.

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